Ajit Jain and Greg Abel Named as Vice-Chairmen

(May 7, 2018) Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates discuss the decision to name Ajit Jain and Greg Abel as co-vice chairmen of Berkshire Hathaway, making clearer the line of succession to eventually be the company’s next CEO.


On Successor Salary

(May 6, 2017) Warren Buffett famously receives only $100,000 a year to be Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO. But what about the next person to have that job?

Howard Buffett as Non-Executive Chairman

(December 11, 2011) America’s third richest man, Warren Buffett, announced on 60 Minutes tonight that his son Howard would succeed him as chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Howard will serve as guardian of the company’s values but having nothing to do with the firm’s investment decisions.  

Howard Buffett as Independent Chairman

(April 30, 2011) Warren Buffett wants his son Howard to serve as independent chairman of Berkshire Hathaway after his death. He explains why this is especially important in light of Berkshire executive David Sokol’s improper actions and subsequent resignation.

Challenge of Successors

(May 5, 2007) Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger describe what they are looking for in Berkshire managers and why the right people are hard to come by.

On Successors

(May 4, 1998) Warren Buffett explains why he’s confident his successors will run Berkshire capably after he and Charlie Munger are gone.

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