On Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter 2019

(February 25, 2019) After Warren Buffett released his 2019 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter on February 23, 2019. Warren #Buffett accepted an television interview discussing a wide variety of topics ranging from investing strategy, Apple, Kraft Heinz, Oracle, Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter, General Electrics, succession plan, corporate culture of Berkshire Hathaway, income inequality, etc.


Bought Berkshrie Hathaway and Apple

(August 30, 2018) In a live interview with Becky Quick just before hosting the winner of an annual charity auction of lunch with him, Warren Buffett reveals Berkshire Hathaway has bought a “little” more Apple stock, and has bought back a “little” of its own stock. He also discusses how he doesn’t know when to... Continue Reading →

Conceding Defeat on IBM, but High Hopes for Apple

(May 7, 2018) By early 2018, Warren Buffett has substantially increased Berkshire’s holdings in Apple—and sold off most of its IBM stock. On CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” he admits he “was wrong” when he bought IBM—but he’s more confident in Apple and the psychological hold the company has over its consumers.

Warren Buffett Was Wrong on IBM

(August 30, 2017) In a live interview on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” Warren Buffett concedes he made a mistake when he bought IBM, explains why he thinks Apple is different, predicts Berkshire will keep its Bank of America stock for a “long, long time,” and declines to criticize President Trump.

Apple is In, IBM Is Out

(May 6, 2017) Warren Buffett analyzes the differences between two names he’s bought for Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio that are often seen as technology companies, an area he used to avoid.

Brilliance of Jeff Bezos

(May 6, 2017) Warren #Buffett praises for the brilliance of Jeff Bezos. Starting with electronic commerce, Warren said that Jeff expands to the logistics and the payment industry. In his investing career, Jeff stands out as an unique leader who change multiple industries in a big way.  

Warren Buffett Bites into Apple

(May 6, 2017) Despite IBM’s modestly disappointing performance, Buffett has been making enormous purchases of Apple stock. Around the time of this meeting, Berkshire owns almost $19 billion worth of the company’s shares. Buffett, however, isn’t ready to label it as purely a “tech” stock.

Second Thoughts on Amazon and Google

(May 6, 2017) As the 2017 annual meeting is being held in May, Google’s market value is above $650 billion and Amazon is approaching $450 billion. Looking back, Buffett and Munger admit that picking internet winners may not have been as hard as they thought.

Bought Big Chunk of Apple

(Feb 27, 2017) Warren Buffett looks at individual stocks. It has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or the election. Berkshire Hathaway bought a lot more Apple since year end, says Buffett.

America’s Never Been Greater

(February 29, 2016) Two days after releasing his annual letter to shareholders, Warren #Buffett appears live for three hours on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” Among the topics covered: Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Apple’s fight with the FBI over iPhone privacy, and a contrarian argument that lower oil prices hurt the economy over time. He also reveals... Continue Reading →

Was IBM a Mistake That Warren Buffett Make?

(February 29, 2016) Almost five years after diving into IBM, the stock has dropped significantly. (At the end of 2015, Berkshire’s position are down about $2.6 billion in market value.) On CNBC’s “Squawk Box” in February, 2016, Buffett concedes he might have made a mistake.

Warren Buffett Defends Clayton Homes and IBM Stake

(May 4, 2015) In a live appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” the Monday morning after Berkshire’s 2015 shareholder meeting celebrated 50 years of Warren #Buffett in charge at #Berkshire, he defends Clayton Homes against predatory lending accusations and explains his long-term optimism on IBM. The CEOs of Berkshire’s four biggest stock stakes discuss what it’s... Continue Reading →

Did Not Buy Facebook

Facebook kicks off its highly anticipated IPO road show Monday, but two men won't be taking the pitch -- legendary investor Warren Buffett and his 88-year old co-pilot Charlie Munger. Despite the hype, they aren't interested in investing in Facebook for Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio or for their own.

Rationale of Buying Big Blue

(April 30, 2011) Well after the bursting of the internet bubble, Buffett surprises the investment world by acquiring almost $11 billion worth of IBM stock. During an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” he says reading IBM’s annual report helped him see the company differently.

Internet Stock is a Trap

(April 28, 2001) In the wake of the internet bubble’s deflation, Warren Buffett sees a “diminished” threat to traditional “brick and mortar” retailers and “gullible” investors.

Resisting the Lure of the Internet

(May 3, 1999) In 1999, the mania for stocks reaches the point where companies with a plan involving the World Wide Web, but no prospect of earnings, are more valued on Wall Street than many profitable, established “brick and mortar” companies. However, Warren Buffett says that at the end of the day, only companies that... Continue Reading →

On Tech Companies

(May 4, 1998) Warren Buffett explains why, despite admiring tech companies and their founders, he doesn’t invest in the tech industry.

On Y2K Problem

(May 4, 1998) Widespread concern about the Y2K computer bug issue spread in the years leading up to the year 2000. Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett says he’s not too worried.

On Intel and Microsoft

(May 5, 1997) Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett explains why he doesn’t invest in technology companies even though they’re growing rapidly.

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