Typical Daily Routine

(September 1, 2017) Warren Buffett has the diet of 6-year-old and has no interest in getting to work before dawn, has settled on his optimal daily routine.


How to Teach Kids about Money

(April 28, 2001) Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger talk about giving children a good financial education — and the importance of also teaching them that “life is more than being shrewd at passive wealth accumulation.”

What Does Warren Buffett Eat

(April 28, 2001) Warren Buffett loves to eat what many would call junk food and drink a lot of sugary beverages. He explains why he still thinks a life insurance company would rate his life expectancy “considerably better than the average.”

Buffett’s Normal Day

(May 5, 1997) Bershire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett explains why his day-to-day work life, which he loves, is “the most boring job to anyone watching it.”

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