When Buffett Met with His Partner at 3G Capital: Leadership, Management and Legacy

(June 15, 2017) Nitin Nohria interviews Warren Buffett and his long-time friend Jorge Paulo Lemann, CEO of 3G Capital, about leadership, business management and legacy. In this interview both men discuss early influences in their life and how they seek and defined good management. Both men also talk about what they look for in businesses... Continue Reading →


Back to School

(February 2, 2017) Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are interview by Charlie Rose about a wide range of topics — from their friendship, philanthropy, and business to global health, innovation, and leadership at Columbia University.

Playing with the Hand We Got

(May 2, 2015) Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger say business school training is not necessary—and can actually be harmful—for success in business.

Back to School

(September 30, 2005) Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the two richest men in America and very close friends. Though a generation apart in age, and founders of two very different businesses, each has a deep admiration for the other. They share a sense of responsibility to use their wealth to improve the world. In... Continue Reading →

The Road to Success

(July 20, 1998) What do you get when you put a billionaire buddy act in front of 350 students? $84 billion of inspiration In a meeting of incomparable minds (and unspendable net worth), Buffett and Gates muse about taking risks, motivating employees, confronting mistakes, and giving back. The result: something pretty darn close to wisdom.

Secrets of Life

(May 4, 1998) Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett explains why it doesn’t help you much if you’re a genius competing only with other geniuses.

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