Bought Berkshrie Hathaway and Apple

(August 30, 2018) In a live interview with Becky Quick just before hosting the winner of an annual charity auction of lunch with him, Warren Buffett reveals Berkshire Hathaway has bought a “little” more Apple stock, and has bought back a “little” of its own stock. He also discusses how he doesn’t know when to... Continue Reading →


Airline is a Tough Industry

(May 6, 2017) Just three years later, Berkshire Hathaway surprised the investment world by taking multi-billion dollar stakes in American, Delta, United, and Southwest. But at the 2017 shareholders meeting, Warren #Buffett didn’t sound very enthusiastic about it.

Airline Attracts Capital

(May 4, 2013) Fifteen years later, following two bankruptcies and a reverse merger with America West, US Airways was preparing to combine with American Airlines, one of a series of mergers that sharply reduced the number of competing carriers. At the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, Warren Buffett was skeptical when asked about the industry’s... Continue Reading →

Success of Executives Jet

(April 28, 2001) Warren Buffett discusses how Executive Jet successfully passed labor costs onto its customers and the importance for airlines to keep their costs in line with their competitors.

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