Ajit Jain and Greg Abel Named as Vice-Chairmen

(May 7, 2018) Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates discuss the decision to name Ajit Jain and Greg Abel as co-vice chairmen of Berkshire Hathaway, making clearer the line of succession to eventually be the company’s next CEO.


Separate Science from Speculation

(May 5, 2018) When Charlie Munger and Bill Gates join the May 5 “Squawk Box” conversation, bitcoin comes up again. While admitting it’s “clever computer science,” Munger argues cryptocurrencies are “worthless artificial gold” that facilitates “illicit activity.” Gates acknowledges the underlying blockchain technology is a “good thing,” but thinks the price gains are being driven... Continue Reading →

Warren Buffett Defends Clayton Homes and IBM Stake

(May 4, 2015) In a live appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” the Monday morning after Berkshire’s 2015 shareholder meeting celebrated 50 years of Warren #Buffett in charge at #Berkshire, he defends Clayton Homes against predatory lending accusations and explains his long-term optimism on IBM. The CEOs of Berkshire’s four biggest stock stakes discuss what it’s... Continue Reading →

Back to School

(September 30, 2005) Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the two richest men in America and very close friends. Though a generation apart in age, and founders of two very different businesses, each has a deep admiration for the other. They share a sense of responsibility to use their wealth to improve the world. In... Continue Reading →

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