Warren Buffett Defends Clayton Homes and IBM Stake

(May 4, 2015) In a live appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” the Monday morning after Berkshire’s 2015 shareholder meeting celebrated 50 years of Warren #Buffett in charge at #Berkshire, he defends Clayton Homes against predatory lending accusations and explains his long-term optimism on IBM. The CEOs of Berkshire’s four biggest stock stakes discuss what it’s... Continue Reading →


Defend Clayton Homes

(May 2, 2015) A Seattle Times story accused Clayton Homes of predatory lending practices. Warren Buffett defends Clayton, saying it “has been exemplary” in lending intelligently.

2015 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

A newspaper exposé has Buffett defending Berkshire subsidiary Clayton Homes from accusations it steers buyers into loans they can’t pay back. He also backs large job cuts at newly-acquired Kraft Heinz, explains why he doesn’t “talk up” Berkshire’s investments, reveals his most memorable failure, and advises aspirational businesspeople to stay away from business school. Prior... Continue Reading →

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